It is really strange how the most used messaging application in the world has decided to throw itself into the film industry. The first will be called Naija Odyssey and will be broadcast on Amazon's Prime Video.

With an announcement that surprised virtually everyone, Whatsapp officially launched itself into the streaming movie industry.

What a messaging application can have to do with streaming movies remains a mystery, however the film will be titled Naija Odyssey and will also arrive very soon: September 21st!

It will be streamed on Prime Video and probably also on the Whatsapp YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers, where the official trailer is already available.

The film will focus on the true story of Giannis Anterokounmpo , NBA basketball star born in Greece to Nigerian parents. The life of the player and the world around him will be told.

According to Tech Crunch, more than a real film it will have the characteristics of a short film and a duration of 12 minutes but there are no other confirmations on this particular.


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