Rezvani Vengeance: World's Hardest SUV,Optional Bulletproof Armor, Luxurious Cadillac Escalade Interior | All you need to know about Rezvani Vengeance
Many people like luxury large SUVs because of their majestic appearance. But perhaps the impressive SUV is the $249,000 Rezvani Vengeance that draws inspiration from both military vehicles and sci-fi games.

Those who can afford to buy Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bentley now have new options to embrace both luxury and safety all together.

The muscular SUV Rezvani Vengeance comes from a car company based in California, USA, which specializes in the production of special vehicles, such as 6-wheel bulletproof pickups. Based on the seven-seat Cadillac Escalade SUV, but with a custom bodywork that can be bulletproof if needed.

According to Business Insider description, Vengeance is based on the Cadillac Escalade SUV, but has the muscular look of an armored vehicle that "belongs to one of James Bond's enemies".

Rezvani purposefully designed Vengeance as if it came straight out of a video game. However, the design process also involved a game developer.

In front are 4 LED lights on the bonnet and horizontal LED bars on the roof, while the rear looks more like a spaceship than an SUV.

Vengeance's starting price is $240,000. But after adding options, the price can go up to 560,000 USD.

If you choose the Military Package that costs more than $100,000, the SUV will be added with a long list of features including armored shells, bulletproof glass, explosion-proof, tear gas defense system, smoke screen, night vision system, reinforced suspension, electric door handles and intercom.

Inside there are bulletproof vests, gas masks, a first aid kit and a cooler.

The option of a turbodiesel or V8 engine delivers up to 690 hp. If you choose the V8 engine, the buyer will have to spend an additional 112,000 USD and the accompanying sports exhaust costs 4,500 USD more.

Business Insider commented: "It's an SUV fit for the apocalypse. Or those who always suspect they are being tracked and assassinated", and The Sun website calls this "the world's most solid SUV".

Stepping inside, the inherently luxurious interior of the Cadillac Escalade is also supplemented with leather seats and individual leather details.

The three-row SUV comes with heated and ventilated leather seats. An additional $112,000 will be required for the option of Executive Seating, reclining seats with massage, heating and ventilation features.

This SUV can accommodate up to 8 people and has a panoramic sunroof. Because it is based on the Escalade, the Vengeance's cabin is also equipped with a sleek curved screen and an information display on the windshield.


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