For those who still have hopes for Beyond Good & Evil 2, the game is still alive and has a new narrative leader, as reported in early August on social media.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has had a pretty rough ride so far. The lack of news about the sequel is not new to anyone, but now it has set a new record: it is the longest production to debut in the entire history of the industry.

As explained in a tweet by Brendan Sinclair, editor-in-chief of, it's been 5,234 days since the first trailer was announced in 2008.

That's a really impressive number, considering it surpassed the record previously held by Duke Nukem Forever — with 5,156 days between reveal and release.

Although production was confirmed in 2016, it was there in 2008 that Beyond Good & Evil 2 first appeared, during a Ubidays press conference.

With this, the window between the reveal and the launch already accumulates the number of days mentioned above. Duke Nukem Forever was announced in 1997 but didn't arrive until 2011.


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