At some point in the future, space tourism entrepreneurs believe that everyone has the idea of taking a vacation outside Earth.

The team behind the Moon World Resort project intends to build a sphere hotel in Dubai the size of the moon. The 360-degree realistic restoration of the moon is 224 meters high and 622 meters in circumference.

Co-founder of the program, Canadian entrepreneur Michael Henderson, said various regular facilities at various lunar resorts will feature lunar features.

From the artistic renderings of the design, we can see that the universe is a spaceship-like interior space and themed entertainment project, where you can experience the feeling of walking on the moon.

The long-term goal of the plan is to build a lunar resort in North America, Europe, the Middle East or North Africa, and Asia, respectively.

The current cost of space travel will be more expensive for most travelers, such as Virgin Galactic's current space travel price of $450,000, but Henderson said the experience of the Moon World Resort will be cheaper, about $500. The world's first lunar resort is expected to open to the public in 2027.


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