Classic automation base construction game "Factorio" has now officially launched the Switch version, priced at HKD 250.
Classic automation base construction game "Factorio" has now officially launched the Switch version, priced at HKD 250.

In addition, the NS and Steam versions of "Factorio" can be cross-platform online, but since the NS host version needs to be reviewed by the store when a new patch is released, the NS version may not be the latest version. PC players who are online together need to select "Alien" in Steam. "Star Factory" "Host Branch", and then connect with NS friends.

It is worth mentioning that you can use the multiplayer mode to open a room to transfer the map from the PC version to the NS version, but too much map content may cause the game to freeze, so it is recommended that you open a new file as much as possible, and the building blueprint can also be Transfer between PC and NS in a similar way.

About Factorio:

Factorio is a game about building industrial production lines and keeping them running efficiently.

In the game, you can mine mines, engage in scientific research, build factories, build automatic production lines, and at the same time hurt each other with alien bugs.

You'll start with nothing hard. Chopping down trees with axe, mining with pickaxes, rubbing mechanical arms and conveyor belts, but it's useless to keep doing it like this. Therefore, you need high-efficiency large-scale power plants, a huge petrochemical system, a spectacular fully automated industrial chain, and a robot brigade running around for you, so that you can become the real controller of an industrial empire with abundant material reserves!

However, there is always a group of bad guys who want to harm you. The native bug swarms on this planet are so upset about you messing around in your own backyard, and one day these thugs will join forces to get you into trouble. So you build weapons, build defenses, prepare for repression, and let them know who's really in charge.

You can join different factions in the multiplayer game , and under the leadership of the big touches, you can divide the labor and cooperate with your friends to build a magnificent industrial park together.

Factorio's mod support has attracted designers from all over the world to participate in the improvement and innovation of the game. From optimization adjustments to game assistance, and even a complete refurbishment of the game, the ever-changing mods will continue to provide you with new fun.

In addition to the core free mode and sandbox mode of the game, the mission pack also provides more different forms of game challenges, which have been provided to players as a free DLC.


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