Publisher Perp Games and developer Nox Noctis announced on Monday that survival horror game Do Not Open will launch in November for PlayStation 5. A PlayStation 4 version will also arrive, but early next year.

And the news doesn't stop there: the announcement confirms that in order to "offer the best VR experience possible", the PSVR game was discarded for the development of a "definitive" edition for PS VR2 - Sony's platform that arrives at the beginning from 2023.

Do Not Open is a horror game based on real events that will provide a “scary” experience in the best ways of a scape room.

One of the great highlights here is its replay factor: with each new play, the layout of the stage will change — and, consequently, the items as well. There will be more than 2 million different puzzle combinations.

Meanwhile, below is a little description about the game:
In October 1994, three film students disappeared into the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while filming a documentary. A year later, his film was found. Venture into a land haunted by the souls of the dead from the fierce and deadly Battle of South Mountain during the Civil War and an infamous witch hunt.

Fight to escape the "fictional" house of Elly Kedward (better known as the Blair Witch), a house you're trapped in, as you search for your wife and daughter. A tragic story inspired by true events, about one man's struggle to keep all reason and turn off the voices in his head.

For more information about Do Not Open, visit Gematsu


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