God of War PC porting manufacturer Jetpack Interactive announced that it is working with Sony to develop a 3A-level Live Service game, which is a game that provides long-term content updates after its release.

Jetpack Interactive said on LinkedIn that it is excited to partner with Sony to launch new Live Service games and recruit experienced game developers.

We learnt that in February this year, Sony revealed on the earnings conference call that the company plans to launch at least 10 Live Service games by March 2026, and it seems that one of them may be in cooperation with Jetpack Interactive.

Jetpack Interactive also stated on LinkedIn that they will continue to work with Sony on the "God of War" series , and it seems that "God of War: Ragnarok" will be available on PC.

Sony's PlayStation platform masterpiece "God of War" was launched on the PC platform in January this year, and subsequently achieved success in terms of sales and word of mouth, topping the Steam sales list for three consecutive years, and Steam's word of mouth is also "rave reviews".

At present, major game publishers such as Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft have all entered the field of Live Service games, covering racing games, adventure games and shooting games.


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