Content creators still won't be able to tap into the full potential of God of War Ragnarok. The game will not come with Photo Mode at launch, but Santa Monica has promised to make the feature available in the future.

Mihir Sheth, Santa Monica's lead combat designer, has good news for anyone who will play God of War Ragnarok on PS4.

In addition to bringing the game to a wider audience by releasing it to the old generation, the sequel to Kratos' adventure "will push the PS4 to its limits" — try not to think about the video game meme taking off.

Sheth gave an interview to Eurogamer and reaffirmed many of the things said by Bruno Velazquez, the studio's director of animation.

Both make clear the importance of the version for the console where the biggest fan base of the brand is at the moment - there were 117.2 million PS4 sold worldwide, according to Sony.

Sheth stated that God of War Ragnarok will be amazing for anyone who plays on PS4. To that end, Santa Monica Studio “created the best game for every fan” with a PS5 -like experience.
Taking them on this journey and letting them see Ragnarok is very important to us. We are glad that all our players can do this. It was an interesting challenge. All the content in the game, all the realms you'll visit, all the enemies, push the PS4 to its limit.


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