Earlier, Meta disclosed the AI technology that can input text to generate video, which became a popular topic on the Internet, and Google also released a similar AI model, and can switch between two modes of quality and video length.

The two AI models recently released by Google are technologies that can generate videos through text descriptions.

Imagen Video is a video generation technology based on their Imagen image generation model, so its generation effect is quite ideal, and it can produce 1280 x 768 24fps video, up to 128 frames, which is more than 5 seconds.

Another AI model, Phenaki, can generate longer videos, although the quality and resolution are lower than Imagen Video, but its length is not limited.

Researchers at Imagen Video said that this model can have a positive impact on society and enhance human creativity, but if it is abused, it will bring disgusting dimethoate, so they do not plan to open it to the public for the time being, but believe that.

It's only a matter of time before developers come up with similar models in the near future, and it's only a matter of time before this ethical dilemma will be faced.


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