Huawei through a new poster has officially announced the product launch of Watch GT Cyber, scheduled to hold towards the beginning of next month......
The official account of Huawei Terminal officially announced that they will hold a new product launch conference on November 2. At that time, Huawei's new folding screen phone product Pocket S will officially arrive.

According to reports so far, Huawei Pocket S may have two versions, one of which may be Huawei's cheapest folding screen phone. However, it is naturally impossible for only one mobile phone to be released at a conference.

Today, AndroBliz once again noticed that Huawei officially stated that at the press conference on November 2, Huawei's new watch, the Watch GT Cyber, will officially arrive.

Huawei's watch products have always paid attention to the appearance design and user experience, and they are the perfect match for Huawei's mobile phones.

Judging from the official renderings, this Huawei Watch is also quite eye-catching in appearance. In the rendering, the dial of this watch subtly combines technology and mechanical elements, and the golden hands also look very luxurious, which must be able to capture many consumers.

At present, on Huawei's official website, there are many smartwatch products on sale, including Watch GT 3 Pro and Watch 3 Pro, and their prices are around 3,000 yuan.

This time, Huawei's press conference was held at 7 pm on November 2. AndroBliz speculated that Huawei's new folding screen phone and new watch may be launched on November 11.


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