Metal Gear Solid 3: an alleged video leak appears, we think of a remake with an announcement at the Game Awards
New rumors are circulating that Metal Gear Solid 3 will return in improved graphics. At the center, once again, the Chinese studio Virtuos already at the center of similar rumors after an alleged close agreement with Konami but little publicized.

This time, to testify that there really is something at stake, there seems to be a video circulating on Twitter and Reddit.

According to those who shared it again (and the reliability of this source is far from verified), the video would have been shown by mistake on the official YouTube channel of Virtuos Games, a company affiliated with Konami since 2018 and which has been approached for years - perhaps, ironically, precisely because of the name - a Metal Gear Solid 3. Traces of collaboration - at least formal - between Virtuos and Konami can be found on the website of the Singapore company at least since 2014.

Through the help of the Wayback Machine it was enough for us to visit the home page of Virtuos to find among the "illustrious customers" the manufacturer of the original Metal Gear Solid 3.

Curiously, by exploring the Virtuos site and browsing their "CV" it is possible to trace the tools that the developers claim to know how to use.

Thus, next to an Unreal Engine 4 and a Unity, we also see appear, for example Fox Engine, the graphics engine developed by the first KojiPro, used for Metal Gear Solid 5 and bequeathed to Konami who used it for PES up to recently.

Employees on Linkedin were caught writing that they were at work on a Triple A remake of a game where there is a lot of action. Generic? Yes, but that's enough for now.


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