Graffiti: EA has released new gameplay for Need for Speed: Unbound, highlighting the various special effects players can equip on their cars.
Need for Speed: Unbound is as exciting as Need for Speed's past, but completely different. Like a vintage muscle car, this game combines futuristic style and adventure with a rumbling engine (humming new battery) ripped from your grandparents' dreams, in a redesigned Rebirth in the process.

Need for Speed: Unbound meets your need for speed in a unique way that's just for you.

First of all, you can still drive around in a hyper-realistic race car in a thrilling setting. In Need for Speed: Unbound, your self-exploration goes beyond the garage, expanding your canvas and exposing you to a rich variety of elements that turn the need for speed into an adventure, a lifestyle and an art form.

In this new addition to the Need for Speed universe, the venues and avenues of your self-expression stretch infinitely—everything from race cars and clothing to streets and tire tracks left by race cars.

Darren White, Art Director for Need for Speed: Unbound, explained: "We wanted to provide an art style that influenced gameplay, celebrated player behavior in an obvious way, enhanced the player's experience, and continued to Reward the player." He also said: "We wanted to take the player experience to new heights in Need for Speed: Unbound with the driving visuals we call 'Doodle'."

Like those street artists creatively transforming the surrounding cityscape, you'll be able to paint the whole world, rushing ahead of everyone. Graffiti is brought to life as you sprint at full speed; acquired through actions such as drifting, jumping, and brushing past, it appears as a dramatic bespoke effect of painting the world around you, including intuitive traces along the curves of the car's body line. With graffiti, you and your car become artists, and the city is your canvas.

"The realistic world and racing cars in Need for Speed: Unbound provided a great foundation for the visuals," White said of the game's art style. "We took inspiration from street art and other media to creatively subvert the characters. and visuals, turning them into drawings that vividly represent 'you' and 'your actions'. This is 'living graffiti' in the truest sense of the word."

Street art has always been an important aspect of street culture, and its unruly qualities have long been the inspiration for Need for Speed. White added: "It's a very creative form of self-expression that, like street racing, represents an unbridled freedom to express one's own rebellion against rules and restrictions."

Need for Speed: Unbound features a colorful street art style with artwork from a variety of artists from around the world, including Sentrock and JC Riviera. These well-respected artists paint Need for Speed: Unbound in their signature style, not only to add to the game's background, but also to be collected and applied to your car as a decal.

In addition to graffiti, you can continue to express your personal style in more detail and style with your race car. You'll now have access to new foil content and a full selection of tools, as well as new ways to customize with parts removal, allowing you to show off the mechanics of the car's interior and give competitors a run for their money before the start line.

The fun is not over yet! In addition to graffiti, decals, and parts, players' wardrobes will also receive upgrades! "The new fashion collaborations bring irrefutable expression to the characters in Need for Speed: Unbound," revealed White. "The character self-expression in Need for Speed: Unbound is not limited to the clothes you wear; You can also show off yourself in key moments like race wins with additional costume changes and customizable poses to create a character full of personality.”

The same is true for the Need for Speed: Unbound game itself. It's characterful and creative, full of adventure, style and camaraderie.


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