New BMW M5 interior spy photos leaked, the car will adopt a new family-style interior design language, and be equipped with an integrated dual-screen
Recently, according to report, a set of spy photos of the interior of the new BMW M5 was leaked. It is reported that the new car will adopt a new family-style interior design language, and be equipped with an integrated dual-screen and a new steering wheel. It is expected to be officially unveiled in 2024.

Spy photos show that the steering wheel of the new BMW M5 adopts a three-spoke shape with a flat bottom. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and the 14.9-inch central control screen on the top are integrated into one layout, which is also the latest design element of BMW. The new 3 Series and i3 both use this screen shape. Compared with the old model, it adds some sense of technology, but it is not as sporty as before.

In addition, the center console of the new car has also been re-layout. Like other latest models, the M5 also cancels the "drumstick" gear lever and uses a lever-type electronic gear shift mechanism with an iDrive knob next to it.

Next is the appearance spy photos. The new BMW M5 will continue to use the double kidney grille design, but it has been adjusted in size and is larger than the current model.

The lines of the whole car are very smooth, and there are no elements such as a large back slip, but it is difficult to tell from the appearance that it is a large-displacement performance car.

However, it should be noted that the front door of the new car is marked with an "electric vehicle" logo, which means that the new BMW M5 will be converted to electrification and equipped with a plug-in hybrid system.

Coming to the rear of the car, the rear of the new car is still the iconic concave design of the M5, which enhances the three-dimensional sense of the area. The circular exhaust pipe at the bottom adopts a bilateral layout with a total of four outlets.

In terms of power, the new BMW M5 will be equipped with a 4.4TV8 twin-turbo engine with a high probability, and form a plug-in hybrid system with a high-performance motor.

No detailed power parameters have been released so far, but the previously announced BMW XM uses the same powertrain, with a maximum output of 480kW and a comprehensive peak torque of 800N m.


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