Well-known whistleblower LeaksApplePro said in the latest tweet that the metal middle frame of the iPhone 15 Ultra (Pro Max) will be made of titanium alloy.

His revelations in the past few years are relatively accurate, so we assume this information to be credible. In the iPhone 15 rumor cycle, it's too early to get any confirmation.

Using titanium instead of stainless steel on the iPhone 15 Ultra is a surprise Apple will reserve for next year's iPhone launch.

One advantage of titanium over stainless steel is the improved durability and scratch resistance of the iPhone without adding extra weight. And titanium is lighter, and for devices like the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, weight is a key consideration.

Apple already uses titanium on the Apple Watch, and the larger Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium case. Apple is believed to have tested titanium midframes for iPhones in the past.

Using titanium for iPhone cases can be more expensive than stainless steel and aluminum. But that's why the rumors make sense for the iPhone 15 Ultra.


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