Six-minute video reveals platforming, ring collection, side-scrolling zones and landscape atmosphere
Recently, SEGA started a campaign to offer a DLC item to Sonic Frontiers players. For a limited time, all fans can obtain, at no additional cost, the classic shoe used by the hero in Sonic Adventures 2 and have the chance to customize the hedgehog before starting the new adventure.

A new gameplay preview for Sonic Frontiers has provided more details on exploring Chaos Island, Starfall's playable area.

The images reveal combat scenes, side-scrolling-inspired mechanics, UI information, and never-before-seen abilities of the hedgehog in a never-before-seen approach.

In the trailer, it is possible to observe how the navigation through the islands will be performed. Along the way, Sonic encounters jumping platforms, floating trails, climbable walls and a countless set of secrets. The game's atmosphere harbors a native sense of isolation, but seems to contribute to a broad and free experience.

Additionally, the Sonic Frontiers clip reveals a new boss in the Guardian category. At the end of the video, the protagonist runs between enemies and slides along trails while hunting a large machine.

Basically, the strategy is to avoid beams that are aimed at the character and reach the villain's core to destroy him with devastating powers.

Sonic Frontiers will release on November 8th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Pre-orders for the game are now available on Amazon.


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