Rumors of Windows 12 coming soon as Microsoft chief says there will be "something interesting" for Windows next week
Microsoft is working on developing the next version of Windows, rumored to be Windows 12, with the name "Next Valley". Reports first surfaced in July indicating that Microsoft is returning to a three-year development cycle for an all-new version of Windows, with the upcoming version scheduled for release in 2024

It's too early to talk about the release date of Windows 12, but many people have been extremely excited when recently, rumors about Microsoft may be launching Windows 12 next week when a senior employee of the company.

Microsoft has teased that Microsoft will have "something exciting" for Windows happening next week. This makes many people wonder if this is the time of the launch of Windows 12 or not.

Specifically, Claton Hendricks, director of overseeing Windows development at Microsoft, shared that Microsoft will have "something exciting" for Windows next week in a recent tweet.

Currently he does not share anything interesting about what is coming, but it is likely that the rumor that Microsoft will launch Windows 12 next week is fake instead, Microsoft will introduce us to a new feature. brand new feature in Task Manager or something like that.

This comment was made because Claton Hendricks' main job at Microsoft was overseeing the development of Task Manager. And while there is no evidence that this is the case, it is possible that a new Task Manager-related feature or feature could be released by Microsoft next week.

At the moment, it is difficult to say exactly what that will be. However, if one had to guess, Microsoft might be working to make Task Manager more like Windows 11, something it has been slowly doing for a while.

Task Manager itself when Windows 11 was released is still the Task Manager of Windows 10 when the interface has not changed. In recent updates, Microsoft has brought a whole new look to the Task Manager, making it more like a part of Windows 11.


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