According to a GameSpot report published in June, Abandoned is not currently in production and is dependent on funding to complete - although the studio has only now confirmed that it is active on the project.

No, Abandoned hasn't been abandoned (yet). The mysterious horror game has disappeared from the map in recent months, but BLUE BOX Game Studios, responsible for production, appeared again to reveal that it is still “working hard” on the project.

In a post on the official Twitter profile, the studio addressed Hideo Kojima's recent comments on his podcast and thanked the game designer for having done this "openly" to the public. The company also urged fans to stop harassing the developer on social media.

Announced in April 2021 as a PS5 exclusive, the game will be a survival horror shooter. Much has been speculated about Hideo Kojima's involvement in the production of the title and there are even people talking that he may be a new Silent Hill, although the studio strongly denies this.


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