Apple's "Tap to Pay" service is expanding its network of partnerships, and with the entry of PayPal and Venmo, similar apps linked to the service will gain additional support.

Apple introduced the Tap to Pay service on the iPhone earlier this year. The service offers merchants a new, easy and contactless way to pay, using just a compatible iPhone.

The service is linked to an extensive network of payment gateways such as American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. And recently PayPal and Venmo.

As MacRumors reported, during a PayPal revenue stakeholder meeting held last week, the company announced that "U.S. shoppers will soon get used to using a debit or credit card." contactless apps, mobile wallets, including Apple Pay, just by using an iPhone with the PayPal or Venmo iOS apps installed.” This seems to be good news for Apple's Tap to Pay service as both PayPal and Venmo have large user bases.

Apple's Tap to Pay service provides merchants with a trusted payment platform. The company has cleverly designed it so that the Tap to Pay interface clearly shows important details such as transaction items, prices, merchant names, product categories and more.

Customer information is as secure as other electronic payment systems, but more than that, Apple adds an extra layer of security by not allowing any data to be saved. types of goods traded.

Along with the major credit card companies, Apple's Tap to Pay service also started working with payment software Square a few months ago. Square has built its own contactless payment services with functionality similar to Apple's Tap to Pay.

If anyone is curious about Tap to Pay, you need to own an iPhone Xs or later if you want to use this service. In addition, for now, this service is only available to users in the US.


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