More details about the event will be revealed in a broadcast scheduled for next Saturday (03)
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot still has a lot of wood to burn. Last week Tuesday (22), Bandai Namco announced an unprecedented trailer for the game's new expansion, which will focus on Bardock - Goku's father.

And now, Bandai Namco confirmed, this Tuesday (29), a new edition of the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event for 2023. More details about the showcase will be revealed on December 3, through the channel official on YouTube.

For next year's edition, the Japanese company has already confirmed the presence of some titles from the saga, such as DB FighterZ, DB Super Card Game and DB Legends.

In addition, the expectation is that the publisher will make announcements in the window, including news for other media – such as manga and anime.

The 2022 edition featured several new features, including online tournaments with the main titles in the series, action figure announcements, cooking tutorials with classic Dragon Ball dishes and much more. At the time, games like FighterZ, Xenoverse 2, DBZ Kakarot and DB The Breakers were the focus.

So far, Bandai Namco has yet to confirm whether it will announce a new game at the celebration. So keep expectations low until the publisher reveals more news next Saturday (03).


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