This flying car model can flexibly switch between ground and air travel modes.
The Chongqing Innovation Center of the Beijing Institute of Technology recently introduced a prototype of a two-seat manned flying car in Beijing.

Accordingly, the flying car was developed by a research team led by Xiang Changle, a lecturer at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

In terms of structure, this flying car model consists of 3 independent parts, including an autonomous aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing, a smart cockpit and a self-propelled chassis.

According to the researchers, the new system is designed to make traveling from the ground to the sky seamless. Thanks to the application of ultra-precise positioning, navigation and pairing technology, different parts of the flying car can be interchanged, making it easy for the driver/pilot to switch between flying modes. land and in the air.

Through positioning, chassis trajectory planning, and steering control, the operation of connecting the chassis to the cockpit or the cockpit to the aircraft is precisely aligned. These three parts will automatically attach and lock together when operating.

It is known that in flight mode, the vehicle has a maximum payload of 500 kg and a limited speed of 80 km / h.

Currently, this flying car project is still in the early stages of development. But flight tests will soon be conducted in the near future in Chongqing.


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