What surprises everyone is not whether AeroHT can fly or not, but the existence of a flying car using such a challenging design.
While other companies are only pursuing personal flying devices with propellers, car manufacturer AeroHT - a subsidiary of Chinese electric car maker XPeng - has leveraged this system to create a flying car.

However, these flying cars have the ability to take off vertically. And they were completely serious about this idea when they created a prototype electric flying car that weighs up to 2 tons but can still take off vertically from the ground.

In fact, this new prototype is an upgrade to the design introduced by the company last year. The early prototype of this AeroHT flying car used a much more complex VTOL vertical take-off system with two large diameter propellers that could be folded under the vehicle's rear body.

As for the new version, this electric flying car is more like a giant drone with 8 large propellers mounted on 4 swingarms of the vehicle. Although it looks bulkier, it is clear that this design will be safer as well as increase the lift for the car.

According to the trailer for the prototype, the swingarms and propellers can also be folded away on the roof of the vehicle – although currently, the flying car prototype does not have this capability.

However, the ultimate goal of the AeroHT's dream remains the same: a flying car that you can drive on highways and take off vertically to get through congested places.

In addition, the automaker is also working on another vertical take-off flying taxi prototype – which has already been shown to the public in Dubai – but this design does not have the ability to move on the road like the original. flying car model above.
X2 flying taxi prototype was tested by AeroHT in Dubai early last month

In their demonstration video, the development team was able to fly the AeroHT X3 out of the garage and then take off vertically, hovering in the air and swinging back and forth a bit before landing gently on the ground.

In addition, AeroHT also said that it has performed many tests on the possibility of failure of the propellers on the vehicle.

Many challenges are waiting ahead

It can be said that AeroHT's flying car prototype is one of the boldest designs ever for this idea. Unfortunately, the company has yet to provide many details about their prototype car, such as operating time and distance, as well as engine capacity.


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