Square Enix' "Front Mission 1" remake will land on the Nintendo Switch platform on November 30, supporting Chinese and other languages
Front Mission is a strategic simulation game launched by Squaresoft (now SQUARE ENIX) on the SFC platform in February 1995. It is set in the future world of 2090 and depicts a world dominated by armored robots. war stories.

Later, SE authorized Poland's Forever Entertainment to produce a remake of "Front Mission 1", which will be released on the Nintendo Switch platform on November 30. The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop and digital pre-orders are open.

Judging from the Nintendo eShop game information, the game will support Traditional Chinese, currently has a capacity of 5.2GB, and is priced at $34.99.

This time "Front Mission 1: Remastered Edition" is remade on the basis of the 1st version released on PS1 and 3DS. It uses 3D to reproduce the original strategic map with a 45-degree oblique perspective, and provides "traditional" parallel projection with a fixed perspective. Mode" and the modern mode of perspective projection free viewing angle are available.

AndroBliz understands that this work includes scripts from OCU and USN perspectives for players to choose from.

The stage of the game is set on Huffman Island bordering the two great powers, the Oceanic United (OCU) and the United States of the New World (USN).

Players will play the role of the protagonist Lloyd Clive Captain, was attacked while performing a mission to investigate USN military installations, and his fiancée Lieutenant Karen Meure also disappeared in this incident.

Lloyd, who retired from the army after the incident, launched an operation alone on Huffman Island in order to find the whereabouts of Karen. With the deepening of the investigation, the conspiracies and planners behind the incident are revealed one by one...


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