The video corroborates the report published by Tom Henderson in June of this year.
Much has been speculated about Hideo Kojima's upcoming projects, and if the rumors are correct, Overdose could be one of them — according to journalist Tom Henderson.

Well, the rumors just got even hotter, as a gameplay footage of the game recently appeared on the internet.

The video that is making the rounds on the networks (via VGC) was recorded by an apparently naked man (he appears in the reflection of the screen) and displays the same elements described by Henderson in early June.

In it, a character played by Margaret Qualley, the Mama from Death Stranding , appears exploring dark corridors with a flashlight — and the setting suggests a third-person horror game.

In the end, the character is surprised by something or someone. Then the message “GAMEOVER” appears on the screen, later changing to “Overdose: A Hideo Kojima Game”.

It's also possible to see a person playing in the video, which suggests it's a test demo - nothing confirmed, just speculation.

Kojima has already asked for the content to be taken down, giving even more strength to Henderson's account. Finally, an important note: none of this is official, so treat the text with caution.


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