Recently, a gamer surprised everyone by playing the legendary GTA version right on his smart watch.
Recently, a passionate player of PSP emulation platforms posted on Reddit about playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories on the Galaxy 4 Smartwatch. The article shares a clip of this gamer directly controlling the character in the game right on his smart watch.

Specifically, actions such as driving, swimming and even riding a motorbike are performed relatively smoothly on the Galaxy Smartwatch 4.

The Exynos W920 processor of this smart watch can run similarly. Good for heavy games. But of course, this is just an entertaining experience.

Because, even if the Galaxy Smartwatch 4 can play GTA, the screen size limitation will make players feel uncomfortable. Besides, problems such as not being able to use the map or control many navigation buttons at the same time also make playing games on smartwatches… not fun.

In particular, with the operation of the player's finger when controlling the character, it will cover the entire display of the screen.

So, even if GTA can be played on a smartwatch, this is not something gamers should do. It is only "unique, strange" as well as showing the unlimited creativity of gamers in creating seemingly impossible things.


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