Santa Monica released, last Friday (18), a new update for the sequel, this time to implement stability and performance improvements.

Meanwhile, there's a lot to do throughout God of War Ragnarok's nine realms, and exploration is almost always handsomely rewarded, whether it be with items or gameplay experience. But there are also several references, as well as a touching tribute to a deceased Santa Monica developer.

Even if it is a side quest, be aware that the next lines may contain spoilers about the game. Follow at your own risk.

The God of War Ragnarok sidequest in question is available in Midgard and is called “Across the Realms”. In it, players need to collect four ingredients from a cookbook — and, of course, they are all scattered in different places on the map.

The locations of each of these ingredients are marked with a heart and the Norse initials of Sam and Jake. The Santa Monica developer couple are referred to in the game for the story of Jari and Somr, who traveled together through the realms until they finally "found a place to call home".
Sam and Jake met in Santa Monica in 2019, during the development of God of War Ragnarok (SOURCE: reproduction)

Jake passed away two years ago from complications of epilepsy, but before that, he had suggested to his partner, Sam, that they add hearts with their initials throughout the game, as a way of celebrating the love they felt for each other.

After the developer's death, Sam spoke with God of War Ragnarok director Eric Williams, who not only agreed to add hearts to the map, but also created a special side quest dedicated to the couple's love. The complete report was even published on Twitter recently.


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