According to the vehicle, known for its technical analysis, there has been a lot of evolution compared to the 2018 game
The embargo on the reviews of God of War Ragnarok fell last Thursday (03), marking a great reception from the critics.

But how will Kratos and Atreus' new adventure play out on PS5? Well, according to Digital Foundry, it's technically perfect: "hard not to be impressed".

The vehicle, known for its technical and accurate analysis, tore praise for the reproduction of the sequel in the new generation.

Despite being a “natural evolution” of the 2018 game, there are still some notable improvements to the lighting, as well as the environments – which are now much richer in detail.

By all accounts, the beauty of God of War Ragnarok is even more noticeable when played on PS5 through a TV with 4K support and a screen with a frequency of 120Hz.

In this setup, Digital Foundry suggests you play in high frame rate mode, as it “feels the most responsive, and you really lose very little in terms of overall image quality and detail. It looks fantastic.”

It is worth remembering that the title has different playback modes on PS5 — there are at least six in the new generation.


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