Enable gold, gray, and blue three-color distinction, Musk announced that the new version of Twitter's "Blue V Certification" will be launched next Fri
Elon Musk announced today an innovative solution to the problem of impersonation in the "Blue Check Certification" service, thereby ensuring that users who are awarded certification marks are certified. The new verification feature is tentatively scheduled to roll out next Friday.

AndroBliz learned that Musk announced that the "Verification Check Certification" will provide three colors to distinguish the nature of the certified users.

Gold represents certified companies, gray represents the government, and the blue used before is Represents an individual (whether celebrity or not) . All verified accounts will be manually verified before being checked for activation.

Musk said the blue verification badge would apply to all individuals, and believed that the previous "famous person" standard for verification was too subjective.

If it is a certified employee of an already certified company, a secondary badge will also be displayed to prove its identity.


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