YouTube blogger JerryRigEverything recently conducted a brutal durability test on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. The phone "barely" survived, passing the test. The phone's camera bump is easily scratched. The phone also broke slightly during the bend test.

In this test, the biggest concern was the overall structural integrity in the camera bump scratch and bend test.

Scratches appeared on the metal camera bump of the Google Pixel 7 Pro just minutes after unboxing. The Gorilla Glass Victus-wrapped display showed scratches at level six and seven.

AndroBliz has learned that, like most other phones, ugly marks from grinding coins, keys and other objects appear in the camera bump. Therefore, users are better off wearing a protective case for the Google Pixel 7 Pro and stuffing it into their pocket.

JerryRigEverything said that the scratches on the body of the Google Pixel 7 Pro after two years will be "horrible" if it is streaking.

Meanwhile, another bad thing happened when JerryRigEverything tried to bend the Pixel 7 Pro with pressure from the back. The phone body suffered a minor break near the antenna under the camera bump, and is expected to lose water resistance as well.

"The Google Pixel 7 Pro didn't break in half, nor did it break catastrophically, but that's a little too close to the Nexus 6P's structural integrity standards."


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