Google is bringing a new feature to its Maps app, and it's called Live View. And its power is in enabling smartphone users to intuitively search for nearby restaurants, coffee shops, and other store services.

It is understood that users can click the camera icon in the search bar of Google Maps to enable this function. After enabling this function, users can see many surrounding information including stores, banks, ATMs, bars, etc., and users can quickly obtain Nearby news, which is very convenient.

This feature of Google Maps is based on AR path navigation. When it is turned on, there will be a clear arrow to guide the user to the nearest destination.

Not only that, some key content of the venue will also be displayed on the screen, such as whether the bar is currently in business hours and status, the per capita consumption of restaurants, and the comments of netizens on these places, etc.

Users can click on a place category to see which restaurants, bars, dessert shops, parks and transit stops are within walking distance, Google said. The Google Maps feature was in preview back in September, and Google is now ready to roll it out to the public.

Google is rolling out the feature in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo starting next week.

Google Maps is now not only used to navigate to destinations, people often rely on the information created on the map every time they want to choose a restaurant for a party or travel to find attractions, including attractions, restaurant reviews, and movement between points distance and all other information, so the significance of Google Maps will be extraordinary.


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