How to set up a different language for different apps on Android 13 || How can I set different language for a particular app on Android in 2022
One of the new features of Android 13 is the custom language for each installed application on the phone. For example, the interface is English on Facebook, but Messenger uses French for example.

This is quite useful for those who regularly use one or more applications in different languages. Below, I will teach you how to set a custom language for every app on Android in 2022. Please refer and try if you have been upgraded to this software version.

How to set language preferences for each app

1.) Open the Settings app on your phone.

2.) Look for the "System" entry.

3.) Select "Languages & Input".

4.) Select "App Languages".

5.) Find the app you want to change in the list. If it is not listed, it means that the developer has not provided this feature.

6.) Click its list.

7.) Select the language you want to install for the application.


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