Some institutions have even produced renderings of the iPhone 15 Ultra in advance of the official introduction of the smartphone
At this year's fall conference, in addition to the iPhone 14 series, Apple also launched an Ultra product for professionals - Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple’s positioning of the Ultra is the ultimate outdoor device, which can adapt to harsher external environments, such as stronger waterproof and dustproof grades, stronger battery life, etc., and the body even uses a titanium shell, which is very strong.

The arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra also sparked new revelations that next year the iPhone will also introduce a version with a titanium case, which will be named the iPhone 15 Ultra. In this regard, some institutions have even produced renderings of the iPhone 15 Ultra in advance.

Judging from the renderings, the casing of the iPhone 15 Ultra is very similar to that of the Apple Watch Ultra. The titanium color is very textured, but the thickness has increased significantly.

There is still a piece of glass material on the back, which should be to ensure the normal use of wireless charging, magnetic suction and other functions.

The antenna strip is also completely different from the stainless steel and aluminum alloy versions. It adopts a whole horizontal design, which covers the entire top and extends to the buttons on both sides.

In fact, Apple has already reserved enough titanium-related patents, and many news have proved the existence of this titanium alloy iPhone next year.

The biggest advantage of titanium alloy is the combination of lightness and sturdiness. The weight is only slightly heavier than the aluminum alloy material on the iPhone 14, but the strength is very high.

It is stronger than the stainless steel material of the iPhone 14 Pro. It can be said that the current flagship mobile phone frame Perfect choice.

However, this iPhone 15 Ultra may also become the most expensive iPhone in history, and the price is expected to exceed US$1,699.


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