The most recent release of Ninja Gaiden was the Master Collection, where three games from the franchise (Σ, Σ2 and Razor's Edge) were offered in a single package.

However, it seems like the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises could be getting a reboot.

According to Fumihiko Yasuda, director of games at Koei Tecmo and one of the heads of Team Ninja's brand, during the G Star Conference in Busan, South Korea, these and other popular series from the company should return in the future.

Other interesting projects like Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and Rise of the Ronin also featured prominently in Yasuda's presentation. In one of the slides citing the future of Team Ninja, the “reboot of popular series” indicated both titles cited above as examples.

When it comes to Ninja Gaiden, the director of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Fumihiko Yasuda, said in a recent interview that, if the game enters the plans, it will be a project made to exceed the expectations of lovers of the series.

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have yet to confirm for sure which and when these franchises will return. So, it's better to wait for official news.


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