The first update of the 21st season of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is announced, and the new version of Vikendi will be launched
PUBG Mobile" released the first round of update content of the 21st season today, and the update is expected to be launched on the official server on December 6th.

AndroBliz understands that the reborn Vikendi will be updated on the official server in the first round of the 21st season, and the test server will be launched today.

According to officials, Vikendi, which was once sunny and full of spring, has ushered in a drastic climate change. Under the constant onslaught of the worst blizzard in history, the functioning of the city has been utterly destroyed. During these months, it was difficult to find even traces of living things in Vikendi.

The current Vikendi has become a desolate snowfield, and its northern region is covered with snow; while part of the snow in the southern region has melted and is showing a new landform. In this snowy field where it is difficult to find traces of life, the survivors who avoided the extreme cold and struggled to survive began to gather in twos and threes.

AndroBliz learned that in addition to the new map, the new version also brings a new system resurrection game, adding functional map props, lifters, lift towers, oilers, support for crowbar interaction, and the return of snowmobiles.


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