Tesla officially showed two new colors of the Model Y manufactured by the Berlin Gigafactory last month, namely Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red.

However, it is reportd that the colors will also be used on the Model 3, but for now they are still exclusive to the Model Y.

Earlier this week, a Model Y in quicksilver was shown at the Zurich Motor Show in Oerlikon, Switzerland, for the first time. From the photos, the color effect is very good.

AndroBliz has learned that the Model Y in the two colors of Quick Silver and Midnight Crimson are only produced at Tesla's Berlin factory, meaning they are only available to European and Middle Eastern customers, and both colors have up to 13 layers of color depth.

In terms of pricing, the Quicksilver option price is 3,000 euros, and the midnight crimson is 3,200 euros. Currently, only Model Y long-life and high-performance versions are supported.

European official website Model Y other car paint colors optional black 1200 euros, deep sea blue 1,600 euros, cold silver 1600 euros, multi-coat red 2000 euros.


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