The world's largest plane, An-225, is being secretly reborn. Aircraft fans are ecstatic
In March this year, the world's only largest aircraft - An 225 transport aircraft was destroyed in the war between Ukraine and Russia, causing many people's regret.

And according to Ukraine's Antonov factory, they intend to rebuild the world's largest aircraft, the second An-225 which is said to be under construction, 30% complete .

According to an interview with the acting general manager of Antonov, Yevhen Havrylov, by the German news media Bild, the construction of the new aircraft took place in a secret facility, and the second An-225 was 30% complete, in addition to the new parts, it will supplement the bombed Destroy aircraft parts. According to Havrylov, the project will cost 500 million euros.

In addition, Leipzig/Halle Airport will help raise funds for the reconstruction of the destroyed An-225, and the airport will also sell souvenirs, such as a model of the An-225.

AndroBliz learned that the An-225 transport aircraft is a super-large military transport aircraft developed by the former Soviet Union's Antonov Design Bureau. It was developed for the transportation of the Blizzard space shuttle.

The maximum load on the top is 200 tons, the fuselage length is 84 meters, and the wingspan is 88.4 meters. Only one An-225 transport aircraft is produced, which is owned by Ukraine.


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