The Croatian supercar brand Rimac earlier tested the new electric car Nevera at the Automotive Testing Papenburg track in Germany, breaking the record for the highest speed of a mass-produced electric car.

Rimac chose the oval because it has 4 kilometers of straights to allow the Nevera's extreme speed to take full advantage.

The world record for the fastest production electric car was set on October 28 by Rimac's chief test and development driver, Miro Zrnčević. According to Rimac's official figures, Nevera's speed was as high as 412 kilometers per hour.

Rimac equips Nevera with four motors, which can output 1,914 horsepower and a top speed of 415 kilometers per hour, but the factory locks the speed at a maximum of 352.4 kilometers per hour, and the acceleration from 0 to 96.5 kilometers can be completed within 2 seconds.

Rimac set a goal of 412 kilometers per hour when the concept car C_Two was released in 2018. In order to achieve this goal, the engineers of the factory worked hard to develop in all aspects, including the drive system composed of 4 motors, the ejection system, and the battery pack., battery cooling system.

However, the self-developed all-whtorque vectoring system brings stability and traction control, and the software adjusts the torque level to match with more than 100 calculations per second.

In order to match Nevera's high-speed driving ability, the brakes have also been carefully designed, and the dynamic braking force is adjusted through traditional friction brakes and electric motor power recovery.


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