Maps, weapons, bosses and new area can be added as expansion content
Recently, streamer “GinoMachino” performed an unprecedented feat on Elden Ring. He was able to defeat all the bosses in the game without taking damage and focused his builds on quick battles with massive use of magic.

On the other hand, more indications point out that Elden Ring DLC may be coming. Records found by dataminer "Sekiro Dubi", after the v1.07 title update, indicate the implementation of more content in the game. They include bosses, an all-new map, weapons and customization items.

According to the community member, soulslike’s game code mentions new hair cosmetics, six weapons, the long-awaited “Coliseum” map, and up to 30 bosses.

Other information also suggests the addition of 16 NPCs/bosses, with a mysterious line of text just reading "Someone not seen yet".

So far, nothing has been commented on by FromSoftware. As such, information about a possible Elden Ring expansion should be treated as rumors.

The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.


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