Huawei held the HDC2022 Huawei Developer Conference. At the conference, Yu Chengdong said in a speech that the Harmony OS system will break the boundaries of the digital world, and the Harmony system will cover multiple device platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, watches, and cars.

At this conference, Yu Chengdong introduced the history of the Hongmeng system to everyone. In 2019, Hongmeng officially released and open-sourced the core code; in 2020, Hongmeng Zhilian will be fully open to hardware ecological partners; in 2021, mobile phones and various smart terminals will be fully equipped with Harmony OS 2; in 2022, the five scenarios experience will continue to evolve, Harmony OS 3 Release, the ecology is more mature.

In addition, Yu Chengdong also looked forward to the future development of Hongmeng to everyone. He said that the future Harmony OS will become the most vital ecological base.

At present, the number of Huawei devices equipped with Harmony OS has exceeded 320 million; in the future, the Harmony ecosystem will continue to evolve, and join hands with developers to step into the fast lane of the Harmony ecosystem.

It is reported that Huawei currently has more than 2 million developers, more than 2,200 Hongmeng direct connection partners, and has launched more than 50,000 Harmony OS atomization services.

I believe that in the future, Huawei's ecosystem will be richer and more complete, and the Harmony OS system will also bring you a better experience.


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