AndroBliz noticed that Tesla also let its humanoid robot carry out China debut along with the Model S Plaid
Today, the 5th China International Import Expo was officially held in Shanghai. This exhibition will last until November 10th. Many well-known international companies will participate in the exhibition.

At the same time, AndroBliz noticed that Tesla, as one of the largest electric vehicle companies in the world, not only exhibited the latest Model S Plaid at this CIIE, but also let its humanoid robot carry out China debut.

Judging from the relevant pictures, most of the Tesla robots unveiled this time are silver-white with metallic luster, and some areas are pure black.

The overall structure is roughly the same as that of humans, but the arms are long, and the fingers are already very vertical in the vertical state. Close to the knee, very sci-fi.

According to relevant information, on the 2022 AI Day not long ago, Tesla's humanoid robot was unveiled, attracting the attention of many technology enthusiasts around the world.

It is reported that this humanoid robot uses the same powerful computer vision as a car. Its brain is equipped with a chip similar to Tesla electric car, FSD computer and related neural network technology, which can process various visual data and make Action decision, very intelligent. Its final price is not expected to exceed $20,000 (approximately 140,000 Yuan).


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