The appearance of the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber ​​watch is exposed, and the case and crown can be changed if you want
Huawei will launch a new smartwatch WATCH GT Cyber at the Huawei Pocket S and full-scene new product launch conference on November 2. The official poster suggests that the watch may use a replaceable case design.

Yesterday, the blogger @kanshan's uncle released three appearance pictures of the watch, and broke the news that the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber is equipped with a 42mm movement, and the battery life is not as good as the Huawei WATCH GT 46mm model.

As can be seen from the picture, Huawei WATCH GT Cyber can be used with different cases and rotating crowns, and the dial is set to the corresponding theme, which seems to be very playable.

AndroBliz learned that it was previously reported that the Huawei WATCH GT Cyber case and rotating crown can be replaced, equipped with the first independent smart movement; the dial diameter is 42mm, the surface is covered with Gorilla Glass; it has military certification and is equipped with a kaleidoscope dial.

This watch is officially available in styles such as stylish and elegant and urban pioneer, and third-party manufacturers will produce more appearances.


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