Swiss scientists have successfully developed a new type of "transparent" solar cell, significantly improving the efficiency of creating a fenced energy source but at a much cheaper cost than currently.

If widely applied (especially skyscrapers), this solution will help reduce fossil fuel use and lead to a world without greenhouse effect.

Although developed based on a product from 1988 invented by two scientists Brian O'Regan and Michael Grätzel, the new low-cost transparent solar panels have been significantly upgraded in terms of heat absorption performance and efficiency, converted into storable energy via a semiconductor (with photosensitive anode and electrolyte), the photoelectrochemical system converts electromagnetic radiation into electrical energy.

Transparent panels are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, can be made in a variety of colors, and are used in some glass-covered skyscrapers.

Furthermore, the production of these batteries is also relatively flexible, which means they could be suitable for embedding in portable electronics or IoT devices.

Transparent solar cells are now commercially available on a large scale, but are less efficient than conventional solar panels at converting sunlight into energy.

Recent advances in photosensitizers and other components have improved conversion efficiency in both sunlight and ambient light conditions.

Thuy Six scientists have developed a new method that can deliver an efficiency rate of up to 15.2% for the first time in sunlight, maintaining long-term operational stability for more than 500 hours of testing. experience. By increasing the active area to 2.8 cm2, the power conversion efficiency reaches a maximum rate of 30.2%.

In a research paper published in the journal Nature, scientists achieved groundbreaking results by improving the encapsulation of two new photosensitive molecules designed to enhance the photovoltaic efficiency of the panel. The team explains that the new photosensitive material can collect light across the entire surface.


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