Since becoming the sole owner of Twitter, Elon Musk has continuously made drastic decisions to increase revenue and change the way this social networking platform works.

However, it is the tough decisions that are the source of division and fierce controversy not only within Twitter but also in the user community.

Indeed, a large number of users, including many famous people, have announced that they have stopped using Twitter because they do not agree with the new management policies of the platform since Elon Musk took power.

According to new statistical data from Bot Sentinel, a company that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter, the social network recorded 877,000 account outages between October 27 and October 1. 11. Notably, during the same period, another 497,000 accounts were suspended. So if summed up, Twitter has lost nearly 1.4 million users in just a few short days.

To produce this statistic, the Sentinel Bot looked at the percentage of Twitter users who deactivated their accounts, or had their accounts temporarily locked after Musk took over the company. The analytics team then applies the percentage to Twitter's overall user base, which is currently 237 million.

Deactivation is when a user intentionally deactivates their account. A suspension, on the other hand, is when Twitter decides to remove accounts that are inactive, unauthenticated, or violate the platform's rules.

Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, predicts that the increasingly "toxic" environment on Twitter will eventually drive attrition in the user base. "I believe that if users continue to deactivate their accounts, it will become a serious problem for the platform."

Since Elon Musk announced that he wants to buy Twitter in April, the CEO has repeatedly expressed his desire to turn Twitter into a private company, lay off employees, adjust content moderation and find sources. new revenue.


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