WhatsApp tests the function of sending messages to yourself, which can be used as a favorite to save various information
WhatsApp is testing the ability to send messages to itself , so that users can send themselves various data through this feature and save the data.

For example, when a user sees a helpful picture, video or message in a group, they can choose to forward it to the chat page of "myself" to save the material.

The method of use is very simple, just click to send a new message, and then you will see the option of Me(You) Message yourself, and you can send a message to yourself after clicking to enter.

This feature was launched as early as Facebook Messenger, but since Messenger can only transmit pictures and cannot transmit PDF-related files, it is somewhat inconvenient to use.

Now WhatsApp has added this feature, which means that it can transfer all kinds of files.

It should be noted that this feature is still in the testing stage and has not been officially released to all users.


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