A World Cup of many new things! Those are the right words to describe the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this year.
The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar marks the first time an Arab country has hosted the World Cup. This is also the first time the World Cup has been held in the middle of the season of European football tournaments.

Another interesting fact is that all eight World Cup venues are located only about an hour away from each other, making it an unprecedented "compact" World Cup.

However, the World Cup in Qatar promises much more, especially with remarkable new technologies. Fans who have the opportunity to come to Qatar and enjoy the football atmosphere here will be the best witnesses of these revolutionary changes. So let's take a look at new technologies that will amaze fans, players, and the world at the 2022 World Cup.

1.) Advanced technology to help cool the stadium

Seven of the eight stadiums where the exciting 2022 World Cup matches will take place feature advanced cooling technology - a revolutionary technology that helps keep the atmosphere inside the stadium cool.

The atmosphere inside the stadium will always be at the optimum temperature for both the players and the fans. 974 - the only stadium without this technology has also been naturally ventilated thanks to its location near the coast.

There will be a center near the stadium, from which cold water is piped to the venue. Upon arrival, cold air is blown into the field and the stands.

2.) Fully detachable stadium

One of the venues for the 2022 World Cup - stadium 974 - is perhaps one of the most extraordinary stadiums ever built. 974 is the first fully dismantled stadium in World Cup history.

This structure was built using a combination of shipping containers and steel framing. The design of the stadium not only creates attractive design lines, but also provides significant cost savings, due to the use of less materials than a traditional stadium.

Here, 7 matches of the World Cup will take place, up to the Round of 16.

3.) A revolutionary World Cup ball

Al Rihla, the official match ball of the 2022 World Cup, is a product of creativity.

The ball has a connected technology that allows real-time data transmission to the VAR referees. This technology will be combined with FIFA's new semi-automatic offside technology. The ball also has a motion sensor in the center of the ball.

4.) Semi-automatic offside technology

Real technological revolutions have taken place on the grass of the 2022 World Cup, with semi-automatic offside technology being a very new point.

This will be a support tool for the referees, helping them to make accurate, quick and replayable offside decisions during the tournament. In the past matches of the group stage, semi-automatic offside technology is showing almost absolute efficiency in deciding whether a goal is valid or not.

This new technology includes 12 surveillance cameras arranged around the stadium, combined with a sensor inside the Al Rihla ball. This technology will issue an automatic offside warning to VAR referees each time the ball is passed to a player in an offside position. Referees also will not need to go through VAR situations over and over to determine if a player is offside.

5.) Bonocle: technology that allows blind people to experience the 2022 World Cup

Even the visually impaired who are passionate about football will be able to fully experience the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in a new way. A revolutionary product called 'Bonocle' will convert digital content about the World Cup into braille, allowing blind fans to enjoy the World Cup.

This product is a small hand-held device, designed with a "braille," with 3 buttons with utilities to help blind people read, write, count, measure, even play games.

Bonocle will help visually impaired communities around the world experience the 2022 World Cup in ways like never before. This technology will also allow blind people to “travel” around Doha with fewer barriers, and move and interact with more freedom,” said the Bonocle creators.


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