Although iPadOS 16 has come with some changes and new features for users, there is still a lot to look forward to in 2023. Here is a list of 7 missed
Although iPadOS 16 has come with some changes and new features for users, there is still a lot to look forward to in 2023. Here is a list of 7 missed features Apple is expected to be available on iPadOS 17.

Multi-User Support:

A much-awaited feature on the iPad is support for decentralizing accounts like the MacBook, HomePod, and Apple TV. The creation of multiple user profiles on the iPad has been applied by Apple to devices used for educational purposes, everything seems to be available and "apple" just needs to expand the scope of support to only with high-end iPads.

Lock screen overhaul:

Although it was released with the same version number as iOS 16, iPadOS 16 doesn't have the ability to customize the lock screen with widget widgets, change fonts, or 3D live wallpapers. etc.. It should be noted that the original iPadOS 16 beta included this feature, but was removed in the official release.


Home Screen Similar to the Lock screen, the iPad's Home screen also needs an upgrade. Apple has begun allowing users to place widgets on the Home screen, but that's still not enough for the iPad to be a laptop replacement, at least as it has to be more customizable.

For example: We can place application icons and widgets anywhere with iPadOS 17 version, or customize the screen space according to personal use needs, increase the number of displayed application icons on each horizontal and vertical row etc..

Tweaking Notifications Notification:

banners on iPad are outdated and they appear unnecessarily long. On iPadOS 17, we can expect a more significant change when adjusting the notification banners in a way that is suitable on the large screen of the iPad. One possibility is to show only short banners on the right side of the screen, similar to macOS.

Upgrade Apple Pencil for iPad:

Although Apple Pencil 2 has improved some user experience, it's still not really good and lacks in-depth gesture support. Currently, we can't swipe with Apple Pencil to switch between apps, go to the Home screen, or open the Control Center, which means we still need a finger when switching from one app to another.


With macOS Monterey, Apple turned the Mac into an AirPlay receiver. This means users can use their iPhone or iPad to mirror content onto the Mac screen. iPad also has a large and sharp screen, but does not yet support this feature? Meanwhile, Mac users can already use the iPad as an external display thanks to Apple's Sidecar feature.

As part of iPadOS 17, Apple can completely offer the same feature to turn the iPad into an AirPlay receiver, allowing iPhone users to mirror content from iOS to iPadOS and take advantage of the large screen size.

Apple Watch integration:

iPadOS 17 should focus and integrate more Apple Watch features. For exam to ple, unlock the iPad in the same way as you did with iPhones and Macs.

iPadOS 17 Developer Beta 1 is expected to launch in early or mid-June 2023. This means that Apple still has plenty of time to consider new additions and changes to this version.


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