As is customary before a new smartphone model is officially launched on the market. Accessory manufacturers will have the opportunity to get their hands on the prototype design of that smartphone, to make accessories such as cases and screen protectors, and then sell them with the smartphone. The same is true of Xiaomi 13, the upcoming flagship model of the Xiaomi house.

Xiaomi 13 was scheduled to launch on December 1. But for some reason, Xiaomi has pushed back the event. This gives accessory manufacturers more time to readjust their production.

The thing is that the new smartphone model brings many great challenges to accessory manufacturers when the screen border of Xiaomi 13 is only 1.61mm thick.

Even its chin will be 1.81mm, making the overall design of the Xiaomi 13 look better than the iPhone 14.

But such an ultra-thin screen border design will make it difficult for accessory manufacturers. Due to the narrow frame, the space left between the protective case and the screen is too small, thus damaging the tempered glass.

Currently, many factories specializing in the production of tempered screens are researching new designs. Hopefully it will launch soon enough so that Xiaomi 13 users can protect their beautiful screens.


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