Apple Satellite SOS help service is coming to the UK, as soon as December 13th
The satellite communication function of the iPhone 14 series will expand again and land in the UK this month.

The latest news pointed out that Apple's emergency satellite assistance service will land in the UK as soon as December 13. British emergency responders have been informed that calls via satellite emergency services will be redirected to local emergency services from 13 December, the source said.

It is understood that Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite emergency satellite assistance service was launched in the United States and Canada last month. Apple said at the time that the feature would expand to France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom in December this year.

At the time, Apple didn't provide a specific date, but December 13th seems plausible now. It's unclear if this expansion will be limited to the UK, or if it will also expand to France, Germany, and Ireland.

iPhone 14 users running iOS 16.1 can use the emergency satellite assistance function in supported countries and regions, and can use it for free for two years.

This feature allows iPhone users to make emergency calls outdoors using a satellite connection without a cell phone or Wi-Fi connection.

It should be noted that Apple, like HUAWEI, has not opened up this service completely for free. Apple has previously stated that it will be free for two years, while HUAWEI revealed that it will send 30 pieces of content per month for free in the early stage.

As for the charging standard in the later period, the unanimous choice of the two manufacturers will not be announced for the time being.

According to Yu Chengdong of HAUWEI, Apple uses low-orbit satellites, while the Beidou used by HUAWEI is a high-orbit satellite, which is technically more difficult, and it can also customize recipients, so it is no problem for daily communication.


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