Electronic Arts has made Battlefield 2042 free for a limited time. It is possible to play the shooter until December 23rd and players will still experience the new features of Season 3 that debuts on Tuesday (20th).

You can download the game through the link below:
Download Battlefield 2042 for PS4 and PS5 for free

You can already get an idea about the new content scheduled for the next season of the game by the trailer provided by EA DICE.

Details of the new season of Battlefield 2042

Called Escalada, the new season arrives with an unprecedented map set in northern Sweden and technological equipment. In addition, a tank with an electromagnetic cannon will be implemented along with Vault weapons.

Position yourself as a new Specialist, Zain, and eliminate your enemies with your teamwork skills, your XM370A AirBlast semi-automatic grenade launcher, and faster health regeneration on elimination.

Of course, the Battle Pass will also offer many new features for players to collect. There are skins for weapons, vehicles and other rewards throughout the 100 levels.


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