Rumors about Death Stranding 2 began in May, when Norman Reedus, the actor responsible for Sam Bridges, claimed that production on the sequel was in its early stages.

In true "Hideo Kojima" style, the Japanese game designer posted a cryptic image on social media that many speculate is related to Death Stranding 2.

Unlike the last occasions, where he published silhouettes of actresses, here it is possible to see three different logos, accompanied by the message “start a new journey”.

What do they represent? Difficult to know at the moment, but let's get to the details. The first symbol is described as "Automated Public Assistance Company", the second is very reminiscent of an exoskeleton worn by Sam, and the third is a creature with tentacles and spears embedded in its back.

Just below the publication, several fans speculate that the cryptic photo is related to Death Stranding 2. Journalist Geoff Keighley, presenter of The Game Awards, also interacted with the post with a GIF – further increasing the rumors.

It is worth remembering that The Game Awards will take place next Thursday (08). Will the sequel be announced at the event? Well, we just have to wait. But for now, better treat these details as mere speculation - until, in fact, the game is revealed.


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