"Final Fantasy 16" is expected to land on the Sony PS5 platform on June 22, 2023., pre-order rewards exposed
in June this year, SE announced that "Final Fantasy XVI" will be launched in the summer of 2023. Now, Insider Gaming claims they have exclusive information on FF16's pre-order bonuses and its Digital Deluxe Edition content.

First up, Final Fantasy XVI will launch on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. AndroBliz reminds that according to SE, "Final Fantasy XVI" will be released in the summer of 2023 and will be exclusively available on the PS5 platform for six months.

Pre-order bonuses are plentiful, such as the weapon "Braveheart".

Final Fantasy XVI Standard Edition

Pre-order bonus:
  • Weapon "Braveheart"
  • Accessory "Cathy's Lucky Charm"
  • Accessory "Scholar's Glasses"
"Cathy's Lucky Charm" is an accessory that can increase the number of gills obtained by equipping it.

"Scholar's Glasses" is an accessory that can increase the experience points obtained after equipping.

Each digital reward is valid until 23:59 on December 31, 2030, please use it before the deadline. An internet connection is also required in order to access the above digital rewards, and a PlayStation Network login is required.

Each digital reward can be obtained from "Main Menu > System > Item Release" in the game. After playing the game for about 2 hours, you can unlock the "props stickers".

Additionally, each digital reward can be sold at a later date.

Final Fantasy XVI Deluxe Edition

Pre-order bonus:
  • Everything in the Standard Edition
  • Digital Mini Album
  • Digital Mini Soundtrack.
*Digital mini-artbook and digital mini-soundtrack available through Square Enix digital rewards.

Square Enix Digital Content Viewer is included with this product and will be automatically downloaded on the release date of this product. If you've already downloaded Square Enix Digital Rewards, you don't need any additional downloads to view this content.

*Internet connection required to use Square Enix digital rewards.


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